4th Annual Meeting
Open for Innovation

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On September 24, 2020, Rod Richardson and Trammell S. Crow of EarthX co-hosted a Zoom Charrette on Clean Free Market Policy as applied to Technology Innovation. Jigar Shah helped Rod kick off the dialog with an overview of next generation free market policy for clean energy, in the context of COVID recovery. During the webinar experts from universities, think tanks, foundations and business from the US and around the world  explored promising opportunities for cross-border policy innovation and collaboration. Rod and Jigar were joined by Trammell S. Crow of EarthX and EarthX TV, the CCLC 2020 Media Partner. They were joined by Julian Morris of the Reason Foundation, Guillermo Peña Panting of Fundación Eléutera in Honduras, along with experts from ClearPath, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, CRES Forum, the Rainey Center, and more.

Innovation and Open Markets formed the theme of this year's meeting. Our research focuses on identifying and removing barriers to open markets, and developing ways to overcome those barriers, within our own borders and with other countries.

For resources mentioned during the meeting, please see our RESOURCES section, including a primer on the ACCTS framework, as of mid-September 2020.

Agenda // Participant Bios // Slide Deck // Straw Proposals

Brainstorming Ideas

Starting Point for Further Policy Development

Clean Capitalist Leadership Council, Sept. 24, 2020, Brainstorm List

  1. Make it easy for private investors to spread innovation abroad – e.g., not taxed on capital outflow or inflow
  2. Clean asset bonds and loans
  3. Co-Victory bonds and loans
  4. Competition for utilities within performance-based ratemaking for GHG reductions (additional 
  5. Patent boxes for green technologies – taxed at lower rate. Even Cross Border options!
  6. Innovation incentives combined with clean energy standard backstop
  7. Address anti-competitive market distortions in trade agreements
  8. Incentivize monopolies to demonopolize
    1. No incentives for monopolies
    2. Demonopolizing tax cuts – not taxed on gains from selling monopoly assets
  9. Treat climate-tech investments like Enterprise Zones, no capital gains tax after 10 years
  10.  Clean Open Market InterNational – framework to raise commitments
  11. Add a competition element into performance based regulation (PBR). PBR already provides utilities addl flexibility to be creative - provide a "kicker" for additional CO2 reductions -
  12. Create a regional economic development zone for the US and Mexico for clean energy technology.
  13. Northeast Decarbonization Project - Ivey Foundation initiative.
  14. On the Growing Climate Solutions Act https://www.realclearenergy.org/articles/2020/06/24/a_consensus_climate_solution_grown_on_the_farm_497151.html
  15. Explore if the UK can join ACCTS. Reading materials, from Shankar Singham:  https://www.mfat.govt.nz/en/trade/free-trade-agreements/climate/agreement-on-climate-change-trade-and-sustainability-accts-negotiations/
  16. In Canada, increase competition and interconnections in transmission; get out of regional political control of individual power systems.
  17. Create international standards, particularly tiered standards, and develop as a marketing tool and promote increased demand for higher performing products.
  18. International Competition Agency - get them involved in Energy Markets and have them help eliminate regulatory barriers.