Rod Richardson at the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council meeting in New York City, September 27, 2018

Initiative: Linking Climate and Freedom

Many in the free market community recognize that there is a strong correlation between countries with greater freedoms tend to be more prosperous, and therefore deploy the best and often the cleanest technology available.  Many scholarly and professional colleagues are exploring ways to expand this dynamic, and seek to develop durable public policy around it.

Please visit the Grace Richardson Fund at CleanTaxCuts.org to learn more about a new project, dubbed the Climate and Freedom Accord. There you can read the Straw Proposal and see videos of experts from around the world discuss potential solutions using free market principles.

For more info, also visit C3 Solutions to read the report: Free Economies are Clean Economies.


Initiative: Clean Tax Cuts and Clean Asset Bonds

To Learn more about the Clean Tax Cuts (CTC) concept, please visit the Resources section or CleanTaxCuts.org.

We are encouraged to see this type of research growing and generating more interest. We welcome your phone calls, and invite you to join us in this important work.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council is to spearhead new free-market policy solutions to issues stuck in partisan gridlock.

The Council offers a transpartisan fellowship of leading clean capitalists, free market and conservation donors, and green conservatives, focused on smart policy innovation. Our mission: to preserve the health and beauty of our planet for generations to come; to accelerate the transformation of capitalism into clean capitalism; to eliminate the barriers to conservation and clean free enterprise; to expand public freedoms and economic rights that empower participation in conservation and clean free enterprise.

We believe this green conservative, clean capitalist approach, based on barrier-removal as a better kind of carrot, offers fertile ground for policy innovation that can intrigue and engage all sides, and build a new conservation consensus. Not only can these ideas conserve nature and reduce pollution globally, they can increase sustainable investment, prosperity, health and other multiple public benefits flowing therefrom. We can expand freedom, free market rights and structures, and clean free markets, globally. In so doing, we also attack the root causes of poverty, famine, disease, injustice, oppression, mass migration, terrorism, war, and environmental destruction.

Council co-chairs and members educate and advise policy makers up to the highest levels on innovative and proven approaches to advancing profitable, job-creating clean capitalism and global conservation. We invite you to join us. We hope to create a new clean capitalist consensus that can get the job done.

Next Steps...

Let us know if you or a colleague would be interested in learning more about the Clean Tax Cuts idea or participating on the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council.
Email: [email protected].