Dr. Liam Fox, MP, UK Keynote AddressCOP 26 in Glasgow:
Climate & Freedom Symposium 2021

November 8, 2021
University of Strathclyde,
Technology & Innovation Centre
99 George St.
Glasgow G1 1RD

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climate and freedom symposium nov 8th 2021 at university of strathclyde 09:00hrsThis event features leaders from the governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States, as well as the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions (C3 Solutions), the Heritage Foundation, Smarter Grid Solutions, Mainstream Renewable Power, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum, the Grace Richardson Fund and global representatives assembled by the British Conservation Alliance. The discussion focuses on clean free market policy, how free economies impact the energy sector, and how all of this influences global trade and climate change.

This event is being presented along with the
Youth Environment Summit.

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AGENDA: Climate & Freedom Symposium 2021

Presented by C3 Solutions and the British Conservation Alliance
as part of the Youth Environment Summit at COP26

University of Strathclyde
Technology & Innovation Centre
November 8, 2021  9:00am-5:00pm

09:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks
by Elizabeth Halliday, Host
Clean Capitalist Leadership Council, COO (Watch 00:10)

09:35 Welcome & Introduction of Keynote Speaker
by Drew Bond
Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions (C3 Solutions), Co-Founder,
President & CEO (Watch 02:17)

09:40 Keynote: Free Economies are Clean Economies
by The Rt. Hon. Dr. Liam Fox MP
Member of Parliament, UK (Intro 04:26 | Keynote 06:36)

10:00 Panel: Free Economies are Clean Economies
Exploring the Strong Correlation Between Economic Freedom & Environmental Performance (Watch 27:32

  • Moderator: Drew Bond, C3 Solutions, Co-Founder, President & CEO
  • Anthony Kim, Heritage Foundation, Editor: The Index of Economic Freedom
  • Nick Loris, C3 Solutions, Vice President of Public Policy

10:45 Coffee Break!

11:00 Keynote: Clean Free Markets - A New Paradigm for Climate Policy
by Rod Richardson
Grace Richardson Fund, President (Watch 01:03:42)

11:00 Briefing: A Plan for Climate Policy in Canada
by Dan Albas, MP
Shadow Minister for Environment and and Climate Change (Intro 01:21:50 | Briefing 01:22:58)

11:15 Panel: Free Market Climate Policies
The Big Picture on Taxes, Trade, Innovation & Competition (Watch 01:30:00)

  • Moderator: Rod Richardson, Grace Richardson Fund, President
  • Adam Bruce, Mainstream Renewable Power (UK), Global Head of Corporate Affairs
  • Nick Loris, C3 Solutions, Vice President of Public Policy

After this panel, Chris Barnard, American Conservation Coalition, will introduce and launch The International Declaration on Market Environmentalism. (Intro 02:08:56 | Declaration 02:10:22)

12:15 Lunch! Introducing Casey Given, Young Voices
with John Hart
C3 Solutions, Co-Founder & Executive Editor, C3newsmag.com (Watch 02:13:34)

We are grateful to Young Voices for sponsoring today’s luncheon, and to
Navellier & Associates for sponsoring the day's symposium.

13:00 Panel: International Trade & Treaties: Challenges and Opportunities
Assessing market-based versus free-market policies for climate (Watch 02:16:55)

    • Moderator: Nick Loris, C3 Solutions, VP of Public Policy
    • George David Banks, CRES Forum, Senior Fellow
    • Steven Groves, Heritage Foundation, Margaret Thatcher Fellow
    • Shanker Singham, Competere (UK), CEO

14:00 Panel: Sustainable Finance Frameworks for Freer Markets
Accelerating business-driven green markets & climate solutions (Watch 03:12:55)

    • Moderator: Rod Richardson, Grace Richardson Fund, President
    • Matthew Lesh, Adam Smith Institute, Head of Research
    • Barbara Kolm, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Vice President of the General Council, and Austrian Economics Center, Director
    • Michael Mehling, MIT-CEEPR, Deputy Director; and University of Strathclyde School of Law, Professor of Practice

14:45 Coffee Break!

15:00 Panel: Driving and Scaling Innovation
How can new policy solutions eliminate the barriers that impede Innovation?
What policies can accelerate the transformation? (Watch 03:59:45 - sorry for the glitch)

    • ModeratorCharles Hernick, Citizens for Responsible Energy Forum, Vice President of Policy
    • Graham Ault, Smarter Grid Solutions, Executive Director - Markets & Alliances
    • Jimmy Jia, PiLabs (UK), Venture Partners for ESG

15:50 Panel: Business Strategies for Clean Capitalism
Business and investor-driven climate solutions (Watch 04:50:56)

    • Moderator: Michael Bruce, Emerson Collective, Senior Director of Venture Investing
    • Andy Karsner, X, Senior Strategist and Space Cowboy; Stanford University, Precourt Energy Scholar, ExxonMobil, Board Member
    • Andre Shortell, Pantokrator Ltd (UK), Managing Partner

16:30 Audience Q&A and Key Takeaways on the Day
John Hart, C3 Solutions, Co-Founder & Executive Editor, C3newsmag.com (Watch 05:27:41)

16:50 Closing Remarks
by Martin Branowski
British Conservation Alliance, President (Watch 05:49:29)

Thanks to partners, attendees, speakers and volunteers!

17:00 Event Conclusion: Thank You!
by Elizabeth Halliday
Clean Capitalist Leadership Council, COO (Watch 05:54:27)

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Global Conservative Climate Summit

The first Global Conservative Climate Summit was held on November 10-11 in Glasgow, Scotland, and featured conservative government officials and representatives from around the world.

We applaud the fine effort of the event organizers, the American Conservation Coalition (ACC-USA), the Conservative Environmental Network (CEN-UK), and the Coalition for Conservation (C4C-Australia).
Click here to learn more about the event.