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The Declaration on Energy Choice & Competition

The inaugural event in New York City featured many signatories from think tank members from around the world. Join the growing movement of people calling for greater choice for energy suppliers, bringing free market principles to often closed energy markets.

We aim to present this declaration and accompanying signatures to top officials in government and at the United Nations, to offer them a way to improve the environment and economic conditions around the world.

Here find documents and photos you may use in producing your own Signing Ceremony for The Declaration on Energy Choice & Competition. If you plan on hosting a Signing Ceremony event for your organization, we suggest the following agenda:

  • Prepared remarks by 3-5 experts on power markets and policy barriers
  • Audience Q&A
  • Signing event*
  • Reception with light refreshments

Please contact us should you have questions or need additional information.
* Please capture printed, full name and email address of each signatory so that they may be combined!


Website: Sign the Declaration Online

Text: The Declaration on Energy Choice & Competition, November 5, 2019
(Download - Text, pdf, English)

Poster: The Declaration on Energy Choice & Competition, November 5, 2019
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Signage: Read & Sign the Declaration
(Download - Poster graphic, PNG, English, 6MB)

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Signing Declaration: November 5, 2019
Right+Click / Control+Click on thumbnail for full-size image. Photos by Aaron Almendral.